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Folded and Flat Greeting Cards (Press Printed)

Press printed Greeting Cards are available in folded, tri-fold and flat (postcard) styles, with horizontal or vertical orientations. Folded cards are printed full bleed on all four surfaces; tri-fold cards are printed on six surfaces; flat cards are printed front and back. 5x7 folded cards open to 10x7 inches. 4x5.5 folded cards open to 8x5.5 inches. 5x5 tri-fold cards open to 15x5 inches.

Product ImagePapers available include: Watercolor Art, Linen Art, Pearl Starwhite, Pebble stippled white, Coated Card Stock and Uncoated Card stock, all 100 lb cover weight. Cards are color-corrected at no additional charge. See Business Cards for flat and folded 2x3.5. See Bookmarks for flat 2x7.

Order using webStudio or in-store. Templates available in webStudio.

Press Printed Greeting Card Prices
Greeting Cards sold in packs of 25 cards of the same image(s). Minium order one pack. Envelopes are included with most card sizes. 4-40% discount for multiple packs of the same product. *8x5 Jumbo Cards sold individually

Description Per Pack*
4x5.5 Flat Card Art Paper $ 17.80
4x5.5 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble $ 18.00
4x5.5 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 16.80
4x5.5 Folded Card Art Paper $ 27.50
4x5.5 Folded Card Pearl/Pebble $ 30.50
4x5.5 Folded Card Sample Pack $ 26.50
4x5.5 Folded Card Standard Paper $ 26.50
4x6 Flat Card Art Paper $ 21.50
4x6 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble Paper $ 23.50
4x6 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 19.50
4x8 Flat Card Art Paper $ 21.50
4x8 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 19.50
4x8 Flat Crad Pearl/Pebble $ 23.50
5.5x11 Tri-Fold Art $ 54.50
5.5x11 Tri-Fold Pearl/Pebble $ 59.50
5.5x11 Tri-Fold Standard $ 49.50
5.5x8.5 Flat Art $ 21.50
5.5x8.5 Flat Pearl/Pebble $ 23.50
5.5x8.5 Flat Standard $ 19.50
5x5 Flat Card Art Paper $ 21.50
5x5 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble $ 23.50
5x5 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 19.50
5x5 Folded Card Art $ 34.00
5X5 Folded Card Pearl/Pebble $ 41.00
5X5 Folded Card Standard $ 31.00
5x5 Tri-Fold Art Paper $ 44.50
5x5 Tri-Fold Card Pearl/Pebble $ 48.50
5x5 Tri-Fold Card Standard Paper $ 39.50
5x7 Flat Card Art Paper $ 21.50
5x7 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble $ 23.50
5x7 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 19.50
5x7 Folded Card Art Paper $ 37.00
5X7 Folded Card Pearl/Pebble $ 41.00
5X7 Folded Card Standard $ 33.00
5x7 Tr-Fold Art $ 44.50
5x7 Tri-Fold Pearl/Pebble $ 48.50
5x7 Tri-Fold Standard $ 39.50
5x8 Flat Card Art Paper $ 21.50
5x8 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble Paper $ 23.50
5x8 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 19.50
7.25x7.25 Flat Card Art Paper $ 37.00
7.25x7.25 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble $ 41.00
7.25x7.25 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 33.00
7.25x7.25 Folded Card Art $ 44.50
7.25x7.25 Folded Card Standard $ 39.50
7.25x7.25 Folded Cart Pearl/Pebble $ 48.50
8.5x11 Flat Art $ 41.95
8.5x11 Flat Pearl/Pebble $ 45.95
8.5x11 Flat Standard $ 37.95
8.5x11 Folded Art $ 44.50
8.5x11 Folded Pearl/Pebble $ 48.50
8.5x11 Folded Standarad $ 39.50
8.75x8.75 Flat Card Art Paper $ 37.00
8.75x8.75 Flat Card Pearl/Pebble Paper $ 41.00
8.75x8.75 Flat Card Standard Paper $ 33.00
8.75x8.75 Folded Card Art $ 44.50
8.75x8.75 Folded Card Pearl/Pebble $ 48.50
8.75x8.75 Folded Card Standard $ 39.50
8x5 Jumbo Card $ 1.00
Sample Qty4 Any Style Paper $ 8.95